Cancer can be cured with Temodar

One of the deadliest diseases people are quite scared of is cancer. This disease doesn’t let you live independently and enjoy each moment. No one wants to be diagnosed with this scary ailment. With lot of research and development, temodar has been created to create life and a sense of security for those people suffering from it.

It has been considered a life changing drug that promises life from the tunnel of death. What a relief for those going through this deadly ride. Temodar drug is an amazing medicine developed to cater to the needs of the needy. The dose can be 250 mg too. This drug helps in a great way by reducing the growth of cancer growing cells in a human being. Nothing can beat the effect of the 250 mg. It is generally combined with radiation therapy in order to treat brain tumors of a specific type in adults.

Chemotherapy is prescribed by cancer specialist for any type of cancer and temodar chemotherapy is an asset in the field of medicine that can do a lot better for the cancer patients. There are a few careful tips for starting the dose of this drug.

  1. Inform your doctor of any kidney or liver disease that you have been suffering from
  2. If pregnant, the drug should be avoided. There are major possibilities that the unborn child is harmed
  3. Make sure not to use any damaged or medicine that has already been broken
  4. Doctor’s each instruction should be followed carefully without any miss
  5. Have a correct count of the number of doses and capsules you intake

Procedure of the dose

Temodar dosing has to be taken seriously and not casually at all. You can’t ignore something that is so crucial to your health conditions. The dose is initially given for a period of 28 days after which the dosage might differ. You may be given radiation too along with this medicine. It is a highly effective drug; hence it is advisable that you are extra vigilant with its intake. It is at your doctor’s will to how long the treatment should be continued.

The doctor will make sure to keep a tab on you progress and change the dose accordingly. The prescribing information should be followed to the t so that you have no ill consequences of taking the medicine. One thing that comes along every medicine is the side effect which can be minor or major.

The side effects can be many like convulsions, fever, unusual bleeding, low count of WBC, liver problems, nausea, itching, unusual tiredness, dark colored urine, jaundice and hair loss.

There can be reactions if you take it with steroid or valproic acid. It is better to avoid so that you are safe and free from any medical complications. With the medical treatment, the patient also is entitled to temodar patient assistance which is an added assistance to take care of crucial patients or patients in the later stages of cancer. Though the benefits are many, yet temodar cost is within your budget and suits your ability to spend. No one is actually concerned about the price as it has more to give than the price.

While temodar is the brand of the medicine, the generic name is temozolomide. They are available in capsules. If one finds it difficult or for some other reason is not able to buy it, one can easily go for the alternative, which is 100 mg price for which is not too high. Per unit cost of this drug can vary from $ 60 to $ 140.  It is another anti-cancer drug known for its effective utility. On the other hand 250 mg price varies from $ 90 to $ 500.


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