Effectiveness Of Aciclovir In Herpes And Skin Problems

Aciclovir is a medicine used to treat viral infections. It’s available in cream and ointment form and also in tablet form. The severity of the infection decides that whether you use a cream or ointment or ingest a tablet. It is used to treat mainly two forms of viral infections, caused by the two viruses, varicella zoster and herpes simplex. The first one causes chicken pox and shingles, while the next one causes forms of herpes and related symptoms like cold sores.

Most herpes infections are treatable with the acyclovir ointment while some may need ingestion of aciclovir tablets.

Conditions to take care of

You may be sensitive to acyclovir cream when you are into some kind of condition which is as follows:

• If you are trying to conceive, or are already pregnant or breastfeeding

• If you have any kidney related problems

• You must tell your doctor about all other medicines whether they are chemical or herbal

• Any allergies in past

Aciclovir dosage

The dose of the medicine will definitely depend on the severity of your infection. The doctor will decide how to take the tablets or when to apply the creams. The drug comes in 200 to 800 mg strengths. It is taken twice to 5 times in a day as advised. The medicine can be taken with or without food, but the spacing between the does should be equal.

When using the medicine, the course of the medicine must be completed that normally completes in 5 to 10 days. If the course is not completed and the medicine is stopped before that then the infection may come back.

Zovirax tablets

Sometimes zovirax tablet are prescribed by the doctor. Acyclovir zovirax is a generic form of the medicine. It comes in tablet form, and it is water soluble. One can dissolve the tablet in water to take it.

Side effects of aciclovir

The medicine has minimal side effects. However of you get some they may be, itches, rash, dizziness, stomach pain, tiredness, headache, and nausea.

You must be drinking plenty of water while being on the medicine. You must also not have sex if you are suffering from herpes and on the medicine. The skin can get very sensitive during application of the medical cream. Hence applying enough sunscreen cream or lotion before going out in sun is advised.

Acyclovir cream buy online

This is a prescription medicine, and you may buy it from any drug store with the prescription. However there are some over the counter formulas too of the drug. If you are interested to get some acyclovir cream over the counter, then you would get the same online. There would be a price list, where you may check the acyclovir cream price. You may get good discounts on creams and ointments when you choose a good online portal for buying. The aciclovir cream and ointments can be brought from any part of the world if you are availing an OTC cream online.


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