Breast Cancer Treatment With Aromasin

Aromasin is a cancer treatment medicine, which comes with multiple benefits as well as some side effects too. Like any other cancer medicine there will be side effects but the benefits are good enough to weigh down the side effects. The main application of this product is in breast cancer treatment. Several types of breast cancer can be treated with the medicine. Aromasin generic is also referred to as Aromasin Exemestane. It also inhibits cancer from returning.

In women the hormone estrogen plays a bad role in naturally increasing the size and spread of cancer cells. This can be reversed and stopped when the amount of estrogen released on body can be controlled and stopped. The medicine does the same. But that is one reason, that it is not used on women who are still fertile and in child bearing age.

Aromasin with afinitor

Aromasin Afinitor is a combination where the combo of the two drugs Aromasin and Affinitor helps reduce the symptoms of advanced breast cancer in patients. As a result the growth and advancement of the cancer in advanced stages is slowed. This results in a longer life of the patients.

Side effects of the drug

The common side effects of Aromasin are hair loss, hot flashes, joint pains, bone pains, dizziness, excessive sweating, diarrhea, nausea, insomnia and tiredness.

If the side effects worsens and you experience more troubles like unexplained vaginal bleeding, severe depression or mood swings, bone fractures, extreme tiredness or nausea and vomiting , yellow eyes and skin, and dark colored urine, then you must instantly tell the doctor about it.

Problems and case histories including blood clot formations, bone problems, heart problems, cholesterol issues, and kidney and liver related problems must be discussed with the doctor.

Precautions while taking the medicine

The drug is taken once a day orally. It has to be taken as told by the doctor. Pregnant women are at risk from the drug, and hence no pregnant women should handle this or get exposed to this. The drug may enter body through skin and lungs too, and hence inhaling the dust of the tablets may pose problem for pregnant women.

Based on the severity patients may get an increased or decreased dose of the drug. If you see that breast lumps are worsened you must immediately report the doctor.

Estrogens and estrogen blocking drugs can interfere with the activity of the medicine. Hence you must discuss all the drugs you are taking when you are prescribed this medicine.

How it is used in body building?

In many males the amount of estrogen is high in the body giving in unwanted side effects like enlarged breast tissues and reduction or conversion of testosterone into other forms that are not good for a muscular and masculine body. Hence the best way to stop this is by inhibiting the main causative enzyme behind this which is aromatase. Aromatase can be stopped from producing estrogen when Aromasin is taken. As a result a muscular body can be easily achieved through body building efforts. That is why body builders use Aromasin bodybuilding therapy.

The tablets are available online and one may get the cost or price list online from relevant websites.


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