Patent and Generic Medicines

As the experts have showed that the relationship between patent and the generic medicines is an interesting one. As per the popularity the generic medicines have achieved a lot in a very short phase of time. Even in that case however the surveys have shown that the attraction for prescription drugs has not really died down. One of the important factors behind this attraction has been the patent. Patent has been able to attract a lot more people. While experimenting for a new drug the doctors in case, finds a positive outcome then the latest formula requires to have a patent. These new medicines can obtain the status of drug only after they undergo thorough experimentation. These medicines need to go through various experimentations regarding the safety and effectiveness as well.

However final experimentation regarding the safety and effectiveness of the newly developed medicines come at the final stage of the experimentation. In plenty of surveys it has been found out that the scientists even before reaching the final stage engages in finding some other preparations. safegenericpharmacy as a generic drugs distributor continues to produce products based on latest developments. While keeping our sharp notice on all these aspects of preparing new drugs and the fact being led by a qualified pharmacist we continue to offer top quality generic medicine products.

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