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Birth control for acne

Methods of Birth Control for Acne Treatment

Acne always causes psychological discomfort and difficulty in his personal life, and even the inability to find jobs. In order to combat acne, dermatologists for decades used the pill. However, international recognition, including in our country, contraceptives received only recently.

What is the relation between methods of birth control and acne treatment?

Birth control pills are hormonal contraceptives. Female hormones are directly related to the occurrence of acne: sebum production is stimulated by androgens – a group of hormones. And hormonal disorders, such as during menstruation, when women begin active adrenal androgen production, can lead to outbreaks of acne.

Hormonal drugs inhibit the production of this group of hormones that reduces sebum production and reduces the likelihood of acne.

Only contraceptives among all methods of birth control are good for acne treatment. Such methods of birth control use a combination of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Common combination of this kind is, for example, drosperinone, which is contained in hormonal contraceptives Jess. It is no coincidence that the new generation of hormonal contraception called “beauty contraceptives”.

How do methods of birth control for acne treatment work?

Birth control pills can be used for the treatment of mild to moderate acne severity under the following conditions:

You are at least 15 years old;
Already started to have menstrual periods;
You do not want to baby, but you are sexually active.
Expect the effect may have a few months. Nevertheless, it will be sure to please you. In addition, contraceptives help to cope with only one factor responsible for acne – excess sebum. Therefore, in complex cases, in addition to hormonal contraceptives, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics or order tests to identify possible diseases such as polycystic ovary syndrome.

Benefits and risks of using methods of birth control for acne treatment

Clinical trials have shown convincingly that the pill can reduce the risk of acne, reduce acne outbreaks and reduce inflammation. But there are also side effects from using methods of birth control for acne treatment:

Pain in the bladder;
High blood pressure;
Depression, mood swings.
From oral contraceptives should be avoided if you suffer from heart disease, diabetes or cancer. Also, do not use them if you smoke and you are over 35 years old, if you are already pregnant, breastfeeding, or if you have high levels of obesity.

How to get maximum benefit from using methods of birth control for acne treatment?

First, before you start your fight with acne with methods of birth control, you should consult with your doctor. With any prescription medication without consulting it is not to get involved. Second, strictly observe the schedule of reception, even if your main objective is not contraception, and the victory over acne. And third, do not forget about other ways to combat acne, they will help to cope with the problem without unpleasant side effects and contraindications.

What methods of birth control for acne treatment to choose:

Combined birth control pills
Represent a combination of the hormones estrogen (a female hormone produced by the ovaries) and progestin (a male hormone that is produced by the female body). Effect of the drug is aimed at lowering the tarragon, which prevents ovulation take place, as well as making the mucus in the cervix thicker and more dense, which prevents the sperm to penetrate the egg.

Advantages of this method of birth control for acne treatment:

Reduced acne;
Significantly reduce the risk of a variety of inflammatory processes;
Regular supplementation provides 99% of the effect;
Reduce the risk of ectopic pregnancy;
Help prevent the occurrence of cysts and ovarian cancer;
Regulate the menstrual cycle, reduce and reduce the amount of monthly, relieve premenstrual and menstrual pain.
These tablets are comprised of only the hormone progestin. This drug is given to women who have a contraindication to the hormone estrogen, or nursing mothers. Action tablets minipill is analogous to the combined pill.

Advantages of mini-pill as a method of birth control for acne treatment:

Not contraindicated during lactation;
They can take a woman with bad habits (smoking, alcohol);
They do not if you have high blood pressure;
Protect against ovarian cancer;
Do not give a form of inflammatory processes.
Emergency contraceptive pills
The composition of the tablets includes a form of the hormone progestin – the hormone levonorgestrel, which is a depressing effect on ovulation, fertilization and disrupts the promotion of the egg to the uterus, with subsequent attachment.


Tablets do not need to be taken regularly;
Since unprotected intercourse may take a maximum of 48 or 72 hours prior to administration of the drug;
Low price.
How do birth control pills affect acne?

So, how does the pill the effect of which is directed at avoiding unwanted pregnancy can be oen of the methods of birth control for acne treatment?

There are situations where uninterrupted years-long struggle with acne begins at puberty and continues until menopause (menopause). No cosmetic remedies for acne and potent medications can not give positive results, if a girl or woman broken hormones.

In such cases there is a need to address the hormonal imbalance that can cause excessive oily skin and acne, not only on the face but also on the body.

Birth control pills fro acne treatment can help get rid of acne because they are based on hormones, which, along with its basic functions normalize the sebaceous glands to slow down excess sebum. They also help to withdraw of excessive fluid from the body, reduce swelling, which leads to a decrease in the number acne or to their complete disappearance.

In some cases, in order to acne completely disappeared and did not appear necessary to take tablets a very long time. But, as the long-term use of pills for birth control for acne treatment can cause severe disturbances in the body of a woman, until severe illness, then make their own birth control pills for acne is not necessary.

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Contrave side effects

In September 2014, the FDA approved the new weight loss drug, called Contrave. This diet drug is a combination of two medical agents:

Bupropion (antidepressant)
Naltrexone (opioid antagonist)
Contrave can cause adverse reactions, just as many other medications can. As for the intensity, Contrave side effects can be mild or severe.

The most common mild and short-term Contrave side effects are:

Dry mouth
Patients, taking the anti-obesity treatment course, must not worry too much about Contrave side effects listed above. According to Contrave reviews, these adverse effects occur at the beginning of using Contrave slimming tablets and usually do not last long.

However, when Contrave side effects cause too much discomfort and do not go away, a patient should visit a doctor. In most cases, side effects are caused by using an increased therapeutic dose of Contrave, or individual features of a patient’s body.

Many Contrave side effects reviews indicate that adverse reactions go away as soon as the patient’s body gets used to a new drug. Still, it should be said that during the clinical trials of Contrave weight management product, scientists found out that this diet drug could cause severe side effects as well.

One of the active ingredients of Contrave is called Bupropion Hydrochloride and it has been used in modern medicine as anti-depressant drug for a long time. Exactly Bupropion can cause severe Contrave side effects, such as suicidal thoughts or actions.

Using Contrave diet pills during depression may cause a serious damage to mental state of the patient, especially at the beginning of anti-obesity therapy. It is necessary to stop taking the drug and call a doctor if patients notice the following side effects:

Panic attacks
Suicidal thoughts
Deep depression
Excessive irritability
When using Contrave diet pills, it is necessary to pay attention to sudden mood swings, change in behavior, thoughts and feelings of a patient. As it is indicated in the Prescribing Information, there is a high risk of seizure during the therapy with Contrave.

Usually Contrave side effects arise under the influence of high dose of Contrave or in a combined use of Contrave and other medications.

According to clinical experience, it is possible to minimize the appearance of seizures if a patient adheres to the recommended daily dose, which must never exceed 360 mg of Bupropion.

Contrave diet pills can cause some allergic reactions. Patients can get rid of them by stopping Contrave and calling a doctor, if they have the following side effects of allergic origin:

skin rash
chest pain
shortness of breath
Contrave side effects from the cardiovascular system are:

myocardial infarction
high blood pressure
increased heart rate
Some patients mentioned sweating as one of adverse effects while using Contrave diet pills in their Contrave side effect reviews. In fact, men had suffered from excessive sweating more than women. It is noteworthy that side effect lasts for a short time and once the patient stops using Contrave sweating goes away.

As it is said in Contrave reviews, Contrave slimming medication can affect the liver function. When using Contrave diet pills, there is a great risk of liver damage and hepatitis. It is partially caused by other active ingredient of Contrave weight loss tablets – Naltrexone.

Patients can fight this side effect by stopping Contrave and visiting a doctor, especially if they notice such Contrave side effects, as:

dark urine
chronic fatigue
yellowing of the eyes
pain in lower abdomen
Contrave diet pills can cause low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) in patients, suffering from type 2 diabetes. To avoid hypoglycemia, it is recommended to reduce the dose of antidiabetic medications and measure the blood glucose levels regularly.

Other Contrave side effect, caused by Contrave anti-obesity drug is blurred vision (closed angle glaucoma). Symptoms of blurred vision are:

pain in the eyes
worsening of vision
redness or swelling of the eyes
If patients notice these symptoms, they should stop using Contrave and consult a physician.

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Birth Control Medications

Birth Control Medications List: Hormonal Oral Contraceptives

The key priority of modern medicine during development of new birth control medication list is taking care of your women’s reproductive health, her protection and promotion of safe motherhood. It is not secret that USA takes one of the first places where women prefer to do abortion than give a birth. It’s used be that abortion was only a surgery that like any other surgery could be very dangerous for a woman. To prevent any harm to your body it is better to prevent abortion and unwanted pregnancy at all by using quality birth control medications.

Current medicine offers a variety of contraceptive methods, and a woman can always choose what methods and medications to use to prevent unwanted pregnancy. The decision on the choice of contraceptive methods or birth control medications preferably has to be proved by your doctor. Only a qualified professional can assess the health status of women, to determine the indications of a contraceptive method, offer the best birth control medication from the list of all existing birth control pills.

Hormonal oral contraceptives as one of the most powerful in birth control medications list

In the United States over the past decade the use of hormonal contraceptives increased in 5 times. Reliability, ease of use, minimal side effects, a beneficial effect on the organs and systems of a female body are the main reasons why women all over the world choose from the orally taken birth control medications’ list. Women give preference today hormonal oral contraceptives as the most effective. The combined pills are the so-called “gold” standards of contraception. Their effectiveness is usually 99%.

Efficiency of birth control pills is estimated by counting the number of specialists with unplanned pregnancies during the year for every 100 women.

The latest birth control medications list contains the small dosages of hormones at the same time their efficiency and reliability have been maintained – in such way they became even more efficient than the first birth control tablets.

What are the latest birth control medications in the list:

The acquisition of new analogues of female sex hormones – levonorgestrel;
There progestogens III generation – desogestrel and gestodene;
The latest contraceptives are mini pills, not containing progestogen.
Supplementation with a low concentration of hormones taken along with these birth control medications helps to reduce side effects and complications.

All birth control pills depending on the dosage of hormones, divided into the following types:

In monophase hormonal contraceptives daily dose of the active components is constant, and the composition may vary. It is understood that monophase preparations consist of tablets with the same dose of hormones. These tablets are the same color used for the same course. By popular monophase contraceptives include: Cilest, Novynette, Mercilon and Rigevidon.

Biphasic preparations suggest changing doses of hormones twice during the course of treatment; three-phase – three times, respectively. Typically, such pill for one course has a different color. The most popular two-phase birth control medications in the list are Tri-Cyclen, Thri-merci, Triziston.

Depending on the dosage of the active constituents, birth control medications list is divided into 4 types:

Mini pill
These birth control medications contain the minimum dose of the hormone of ethinylestradiol. Side effects associated with their use – is minimal. In some cases, they have the ability to remove the background of hormonal acne (especially in adolescence), painful menstruation. These pills are best suited for young girls up to 25 years old who have a regular sex life. The most popular are Thri-merci, Mercilon, Novynette.

Low-dose birth control pills
The formulations contain the same ethinylestradiol, but in combination with various hormones, desogestrel, gestodene, norgestimate or levonorgestrel. These birth control pills are recommended for young women. In addition to the contraceptive action, these agents have a pronounced anti-androgenic effect: help remove unwanted hair growth on the face, prevent the appearance of acne and hair loss on the background of hormonal imbalance. Popular pills in this category are Yasmin and Femodene.

Middle-dose pill
As a rule, contain two hormones ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel. Less may comprise other combinations of hormones. A middle-dose pill designed for women giving birth, especially those older than 30 years. They also have anti-androgenic effect, which is important for women who have not recovered from pregnancy and childbirth. Popular pills are Cilest.

High-dose birth control medications
In its composition are ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel, but only in high doses. Such means primarily used for the treatment and prevention of hormonal disorders. Contraceptives of this type may be taken by women older than 35 years. These pills include Levlen and Milvane.

Please, visit a doctor if you have any problem with the choice of birth control medications from the list of available ones.

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Best over the counter diet pills

Global epidemic of obesity covered all the countries and continents on the planet. People suffer from weight problems regardless of their incomes, social status, age and sex. According to WHO, the number of overweight people will exceed 2.4 billion by 2016.

Taking into account the constantly growing number of overweight and obese people, scientists keep developing best over the counter diet pills. New slimming products must fight against extra kilograms, as well as minimize the risk of cardiometabolic disorders.

Obesity is a global healthcare problem. The spreading of obesity is caused by the increased caloric value of foods people eat every day.

Traditionally to cure excess weight or obesity, people use such lifestyle changes as well-balanced diet and increased physical activity. In most cases, such measures can pause the growth of body weight or even reduce it.

Best over the counter diet pills allow people to achieve a clinically significant weight loss result. People should pay their attention to the fact that OTC diet pills will really work, if a person consumes less fats and carbs than usual. To burn fat faster, people should increase their physical activity.

If you want to buy best over the counter diet pills in 2016-2017, then most likely, they will be from the group of drugs listed below. It is possible that new groups of slimming pills will appear too, but so far there is little information about that.

Anorectic drugs – the centrally acting drugs, suppressing the appetite by acting on the satiety center in the brain. Appetite suppressants are among the best and frequently used over the counter diet pills.

The drawback of some anorexigenic slimming pills is considered their cardiovascular side effects. Therefore, not all of such diet pills people can buy without prescription (similar to Phentermine).

Parapharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals – fight obesity thanks to balanced nutrients that come into the body (vitamins and microelements). Best of OTC diet pills of that type can increase the adaptive capacity of the body and help curing or preventing other diseases.

Best OTC Parapharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals contain natural fibers extracted from plants. Fiber cleanses the intestines in a natural way, excretes the slags and toxins from the internal organs, tissues and cells.

Diuretics and laxatives – can help to get rid of a few extra kilograms, but these are not recommended to use for a long time as a rule. With such anti-obesity treatment method, the body loses a large amount of fluid and useful microflora of the stomach.

Dehydration of the body is used quite often by bodybuilders in order to get ripped muscles. Only a small number of men and women can actually say that diuretic and laxative drugs are best over the counter diet pills.

Fat burners – the most diverse group of over the counter diet pills. Many reviews and clinical trials data confirm that fat burners allow people to get rid of subcutaneous and visceral fat.

Drugs of such type speed up the metabolism, increasing thermogenesis and providing extra energy to the body. Best over the counter diet pills may contain such substances as caffeine, L-carnitine, chromium Picolinate, Omega-3 fatty acids and green tea extract.

Fat blockers – prevent the absorption of lipids (fats) in the gastrointestinal tract. A proper use of fat blockers allows the body to remove about 30% of fat consumed with food.

Best over the counter fat blockers were approved by the FDA (USA), MHRA (UK) and EMA (Europe). Obese people can find these diet pills under the name Alli on the pharmacy shelves.

Alli drug have already helped hundreds of thousands of people to lose extra kilograms and change their lifestyle. You can buy best over the counter diet pills Alli not only at regular pharmacies, but also on large online or chain stores (like Walgreen and Walmart).

The global obesity epidemic is one of the most important problems of our time, since it is associated with health of our population and its solution requires many efforts from national and international organizations.

Obesity is a chronic, recurrent biological problem, which may require a long-term use of best over the counter diet pills. Treatment of obesity can be complicated by some concomitant diseases, like hypertension or type 2 diabetes.

It happens that a constant or temporary use of best over the counter diet pills may not provide the desired effect. You can read some true stories of success posted by people, who made great effort and completely changed their lifestyle.

The price of best over the counter diet pills can be quite high. Therefore, before you buy OTC diet pills, you should better find out what manufacturers offer the best prices.

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Birth controls that make you lose weight

Birth controls that make you lose weight

Contraceptive tablets are the most demanded and reliable contraception means, providing almost 100% of birth control. In clinical practice contraceptives have been used for over 50 years. Large number of birth control pills are represented at the pharmaceutical market today. What kind of birth control pills to choose with minimal side effects and maximum efficiency?

Women, taking contraceptive tablets for birth control believe that hormonal contraceptives increase a risk of weight gain. However, specialists say that last generation of birth control pills contain a minimum amount of hormones and have a high degree of safety.

Moreover, modern contraceptive tablets provide birth control, stabilize menstrual cycle, reduce bleeding during heavy menstruation and degree of pain. In addition, use of modern oral contraceptives prevents some diseases. For example, contraceptive tablets reduce the frequency of pelvic organs inflammation and reduce the risk of endometrium and ovarian tumors. In clinical practice hormonal contraceptives are also prescribed for the prevention and treatment of benign tumors of the breast.

However, despite many advantages of modern contraceptives, it is not recommended to take birth control pills by yourself. When choosing oral contraceptive, individual features of female body are taken into account, including woman’s age, character of menstrual cycle and possible diseases of reproductive system of female body. Reaction of female body to contraceptive tablets is purely individual and the risk of side effects is also different. Therefore, contraceptive tablets without a risk for the body should be prescribed by a doctor, according to the results of diagnostic tests.

The most prescribed modern contraceptive drugs are: Ortho Tri-Cyclen; Estrostep; Yaz; Previfem; Yasmin; Loestrin 24 Fe; Microgestin Fe. All modern hormonal contraceptives contain analogs of estrogen and progesterone, produced by the female body. Birth control is provided due to the fact that estrogen and progesterone slow down the process of ovum maturation. Herewith, progesterone stimulates the release of viscous mucus, which prevents the sperm penetration into the egg.

Contraceptive tablets should be taken on a calendar type. Namely, starting from the first day of the menstrual cycle, a woman takes birth control tablets for 21 days. For the next 7 days the use of birth control pills is stopped. At this time, uterine mucosa abruption occurs and menstrual bleeding starts. After seven days, the use of birth control pills should be resumed. Use of hormonal pills is resumed even if menstrual bleeding has not been terminated.

Thus, birth control pills should be taken regularly for birth control. Contraceptive tablets should be taken strictly under the scheme. If a woman skips the pill for more than one day, pregnancy may occur. However, the rest contraceptive tablets should be taken not to disturb the existing menstrual cycle.

One of the contraceptives side effects is a change in body weight. Use of contraceptive tablets may provoke as reduction, so increase of body weight. All depends on individual features of the body. However it is recommended to control the amount of consumed food and salt to keep body weight in the initial position when taking birth control pills. Salt retains fluid in the the body that can cause a feeling of weight gain.

Unfortunately, there is no perfect contraceptive drug which can suit every women. However, the times when hormonal contraceptives caused a lot of side effects, including weight gain went away. Modern oral contraceptives have undergone major changes, now they contain a minimum amount of hormones. Therefore, a risk of weight gain is minimum.

In addition, modern contraceptive tablets not only exclude the risk of weight gain but on the contrary help to reduce body weight in some cases. Birth control pills also restore the balance of female and male hormones in the body. Correct hormonal balance in the female body reduces the abundant hair growth on a woman’s body, caused by increased level of male hormones (androgens). It should be noted that contraceptives regulate the function of sebaceous glands, so the face is cleared of acne when using them regularly.

If you have been prescribed birth control pills you can order their delivery on our online pharmacy. You do not need to fill out a medical questionnaire in order to buy birth control pills online. You can offset your costs for postal services when purchasing a big pack of birth control pills online without prescription.

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Best diet pills for women

Modern medicine provides the wide range of effective medications to fight against overweight. New best diet pills for women are very effective and have good safety profile.

Depending on the mechanism of action, all diet pills can be divided into 3 groups:

Fat blockers
Fat burners
The effectiveness of best diet pills for women will depend in many ways on the age of a woman, illnesses and individual characteristics of her body.

Best diet pills for women – anorexigenic drugs

All the anorexigenic drugs for women are the prescription diet pills and belong to pharmaceutical drugs, blocking the hunger feeling. The mechanism of action of best diet pills for women lies in the ability of active ingredient to affect the central nervous system (CNS) of a patient.

Usually, a patient’s appetite is suppressed and a prolonged satiety occurs due to the effect of psychostimulants. However, not every patient can use these diet pills. Anorexigens are not recommended for women with hypothyroidism, cardiovascular disease, severe hypertension and glaucoma.

Moreover, Anorexigens do not suit for those women who suffer from depression or anxiety. Typically, anorectic drugs are prescribed to women in pre-menopause period.

During menopause, the female body has serious hormonal changes, accompanied by an abrupt increase of blood pressure. Because appetite suppressants can enhance the blood pressure too, it is not recommended to use these diet pills during climax.

Best diet pills for women with anorexigenic effect are available for overweight consumers under the following brand names: Adipex, Suprenza, Phentermine Hydrochloride, Qsymia, Tenuate, Diethylpropion Hydrochloride, Tenuate Dospan, Belviq, Contrave and Benzphetamine Hydrochloride.

It is noteworthy that all the listed diet pills are approved by the FDA and are considered one of the best diet pills for women that help reducing the body weight quickly and effectively.

Best diet pills for women – fat blockers

Fat blockers are such drugs that prevent the absorption of dietary fats, getting in the body with food. Orlistat is considered one of the best diet pills for women wanting to lose weight fast.

The mechanism of action of this weight loss drug is that the active component suppresses the activity of gastrointestinal enzyme (lipase). As a result, the drug violates the process of splitting of dietary fats and reduces their absorption from the GIT.

Unlike anorexigenic drugs that can cause severe side effects, these diet pills for women do not cause side effects, typical for other weight loss medications. Therefore, fat blockers are successfully used for weight loss in women over 40 and even in women over 50.

Moreover, as it is indicated in best diet pills for women reviews, the intensity of side effects of Orlistat fat blocker is manageable. In order to reduce the side effects, a woman should adhere to low-calorie well-balanced diet.

In their reviews, patients named oily discharge from the rectum and flatulence the most common fat blocker side effects. Because Orlistat is not absorbed into the bloodstream and the therapeutic effect of diet pills takes place in the GIT, fat blockers are well tolerated by patients and have high safety profile.

Orlistat weight loss drug is sold under such brand names as: Xenical, Alli, Xerogras, Lindeza, Symfona and Beacita. According to many consumers, Orlistat is one of the best diet pills for women that really work. You can buy best diet pills in 2015 at Wal-Mart Stores, Kroger, Walgreen and other stores.

Best diet pills for women – fat burners

Diet pills for women, available over the counter are very popular among the weight loss drugs today. These drugs are sold almost at all the stores and pharmacies of the USA, Europe and Canada.

It should be noted that fat burners contain only natural ingredients (herbal), unlike other weight loss drugs. Therefore, this type of diet pills is considered the safest, although it is not as effective as appetite suppressants or fat blockers.

Usually, the mechanism of action of best diet pills for women providing weight loss is a mild appetite suppression effect and acceleration of metabolism. Fast metabolism helps the body to burn the consumed calories much quicker.

The large variety of OTC diet pills includes one most popular diet medication – Phen375. Thanks to a balanced combination of L-carnitine, Calcium Carbonate, Caffeine, Cayenne pepper extract, Bitter Orange and Chromium, patients manage quickly and effectively lose extra weight.

According to Dr. Oz, if women over 50 want to become slimmer, they need to combine the intake of best diet pills for women with physical activity and low-calorie diet, walk in the fresh air more often and reduce the consumption of refined sugar, alcohol and sugary soda drinks.

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Birth control pills that help acne

Birth control pills that help acne

Acne is a disease of hair follicles and sebaceous glands, characterized by chronic inflammation. Acne makes the sebaceous glands to produce excessive amount of secretion, blocking the hair follicles of sebaceous ducts. As a result pathogenic flora is formed on the skin, creating favorable environment for multiplication of bacteria and developing local inflammatory process.

Acne can be of different severity and may cause not just physical but psychological discomfort. Appearance associated complexes hinder active social life and cause severe depression. Therefore acne is not just some sort of cosmetic drawback, but a complex problem, which requires medical intervention. Methods of acne treatment may vary, depending on gender of a patient. For instance, to improve state of skin in women, it is recommended to use birth control pills.

Birth control pills that help acne are the following: Ortho Tri-Cyclen; Estrostep and Yaz. Today these are the three drugs that are approved by the FDA not just as birth control pills, but also as pills for acne treatment. Different birth control pills contain derivatives of two female hormones: estrogen and progesterone. Herewith doses of estrogen and progesterone vary according to the type of birth control pills.

How exactly do birth control pills help to get rid of acne?

To understand how birth control pills help to get rid of acne, you should know that hormonal imbalance is one of the common causes of acne. The truth is that not only the male body can produce male hormones, but female body as well. In prepubertal period androgens are especially active, since it is natural change of hormonal balance, associated with puberty.

Male sexual hormones affect many processes in the body, as for example occurrence of acne. The thing is that androgens stimulate the growth of cells of the sebaceous glands, responsible for production of sebum. As a result, sebaceous glands produce larger amount of sebum with more dense and sticky texture. Therefore many people suffer from acne in adolescence. Little by little the hormonal level becomes normal and acne disappears. But in some cases, the skin inflammation doesn’t go away.

The reason why acne appear in women during postpubertal period is hormonal imbalance most of all, the state when the body produces more androgens than necessary. Birth control pills contain female sex hormones. Getting into the body, estrogen and progesterone both inhibit the release of androgens. Now, because the amount of male sexual hormones becomes lower, their stimulating effect on the production of sebum decreases too. Thus this helps to eliminate one cause of acne formation, providing healthy skin.

In addition, acne and pimples often occur in premenstrual cycle. It is caused by the fact that steroid hormone levels are increased at the last phase of menstrual cycle. Usually acne arises on the chin zone. In this zone sebaceous glands are especially sensitive to hormonal changes. Thus birth control pills help to reduce premenstrual activity of testosterone, thereby preventing inflammations on the skin during this period.

Birth control pills for acne treatment

Ortho Tri-Cyclen contains progestational compound Norgestimate and estrogenic compound ethinyl estradiol. Combination of ethinyl estradiol and norgestimate has inhibition effect on testosterone production and at the same time increases the level of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). Depending on the dosage of birth control pills, Ortho Tri-Cyclen contains 0.180mg, 0.215mg or 0.250mg of norgestimate. While the dose of ethinyl estradiol in any Ortho Tri-Cyclen pill is 0.035mg.

Ortho Tri-Cyclen is prescribed for the treatment of moderate acne vulgaris in female patients of 15 years old and older, as well as for prevention of pregnancy. Unlike different birth control pills, (Estrostep and Yaz), Ortho Tri-Cyclen is used in pediatric patients for preservation of bone mineral density, associated with anorexia.

Other birth control pills are known as Estrostep, which active substances are called norethindrone and ethinyl estradiol. Unlike Ortho Tri-Cyclen, ethinyl estradiol dose can vary in Estrostep. It is 20mcg, 30mcg or 35mcg in each tablet. Dosage of norethindrone is stable – 1mg. Estrostep is recommended as birth control means and also as drug to cure acne in patients over 15 years old.

The active substance in Yaz drug is synthetic progestational compound drospirenone and estrogenic compound ethinyl estradiol. The dose of drospirenone in every tablet of Yaz is 3mg, but the dose of ethinyl estradiol is 0.030mg. Just as different birth control pills (Estrostep and Ortho Tri-Cyclen), Yaz increases the levels of female sex hormones and reduces the androgens activity in the body.
How do we choose birth control pills that help acne?

Doctor can help to choose appropriate birth control pills that help acne. In order to define the levels of testosterone in the body to adjust a proper treatment course, medical worker takes blood test. Also women should pass gynecological examination. After these procedures, doctor can surely determine what drug to choose.
So that birth control pills can help to get rid of acne, a long-term drug therapy (6 months and more) is required. As a rule, significant changes of the skin tone occur within 4 months of using the birth control pills.

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